Friday, October 28, 2011

Kaila is being... SOCIAL?

So, as I promised, I will tell you about my trip to Asheville/The Biltmore... But first, a story!... Sort of.
Ok so I thought I was a fairly social person... Apparently not, apparently I am an ANTIsocial butterfly, my parents brought this to my attention. Sooo, the last past week I've been getting stuff done, and then being social. Turns out, it's been pretty fun! Iv'e done allot. I just didn't realize I was aloud to be constantly goofing off with friends... I'm also attempting to plan a party of sorts. We'll see how that goes...

And now for the trip to Asheville. First was the Biltmore house ------> This place.
Now since my last post was extremely long, I will try to keep this one short and to the point... Hopefully I wont go off on a long rant.
Back to Asheville!
So we went to the Biltmore, mostly to walk around the grounds and enjoy Fall, we even had a picnic! Which was ruined by a giant lawnmower directly in front of us. 8000 acres of land, and you choose the one spot there's a picnic... Nice goin mower guy.

Well that was close I almost got onto a rant! Quick on to another topic!
Next we went walking downtown Asheville, which I absolutely adore. Especially on a Friday night. There are street performers, amazing places to eat, and just cool people in general. Also, on Friday nights in downtown Asheville, there are drum circles, and ton of people dancing in the middle. It's basically like a hippie dance club. So much fun! And unfortunately there's not really any good pics from that... But I'm sure there will be another drum circle, another day. 

Well There you go, an abridged version of the day. I'll post a few pics below!

Yes, we are silly. ^.^

Laying in the grass! (I don't think I needed to clarify that..)

Naked Lady statue!!! Huh, what? Move along...

Lots of walking...

The fabulous Megan! (Urban Outfitters) 

Emma. I'm gonna steal her shoes...

The one, the only, the amazing, REBEKAH!! <3

Drum circle! The drummers. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brace yourself for 2 months of updates!

If you do follow my blog, and care about what goes on in my life, once again I'm sorry for the lack of posts. But this will be a good long one with pictures! Yay pictures!
Ok Now where to begin... Ah yes! Dragon Con. As you may recall I was planning on going to Dragon con (Basically a giant geek convention) Well I did and it was AWESOME. I even got to meet Wil Wheaton, and my brothers wife Alex is obsessed with him, OBSESSED, and she was pretty freakin excited to meet him. 
There's a few things about dragon con, 1- Your eyes may be scarred by some of the cos players, who may have once fit into there costume but no longer do, and no longer should... But hey, dragon con is a no judge zone in that regard. Anything goes there..
2- You WILL spend all your money. There are at least 4 or 5 entire rooms filled with awesome stuff you can buy. I bought three die, a Jayne hat (from the show firefly), cat ears, and I think that's all, and I STILL spent almost all my money.. 
3- If you go, there is a restaurant in the hotel, that serves a thing called 'Dessert Nachos' O.O Yum. Here see for yourself. 

Ok the next thing that happened at dragon con, was a concert. At this concert was Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton, and Molly Lewis showed up with her ukulele! You might remember her from youtube here's her channel HERE
Now we waited in line a long time (not to mention putting up with annoying line cutters) so we were RIGHT in the front of the stage, so I was in prime positioned to get pulled onto the stage and get serenaded during Frogger! The Frogger Musical... and yes that DID happen. what you don't believe??? PICTURE TIME!  

Ok That seems like a good ending place for Dragon Con. 

Now what happened next?... Ah yes, the fair. Me and a few friends decided to go to the state fair this year, we bought the stamp thingy that lets you ride the rides over and over... and over. And we were off. I rode every single ride at that fair.. and see this is how fair rides work, they only go 1 of two directions, round and round, or back an forth. Oh wait there is one more option, back and and forth AND going round and round. Hopefully your not getting sick just thinking about it... I think I am.
ok here is a few pictures from the Fair. 

    Here's the group. My "Homies" if you will...
    Here's me and my friend Tucker Struttin. Work it, work it!
 And here's me and Megan on the Farris wheel!
And I have a ton more, but these will suffice.
Now the next thing that happened has to do with the fair. Some how through all the spinning and being slung about, my neck decided to get twisted into a painful knot of PAIN. I couldn't move it for like a week straight and it's STILL not fully healed. Now what happened was apparently the neck started to heal, but then there was still this giant knot on the side of my neck, so when we went to the doctors they said it was a swollen lymph node. They thought I had mono, which made my friends very suspicious of me... And I had to get a needle jabbed in my veins to test for it. Thankfully it was negative, and I'm mono free. Yay. But besides having a giant painful knot still there, I got a cold or something, and I'm JUST now getting better, and the knot is starting to go down. I now know the true definition of "Pain in my neck". 

NOW I missed a few things, so lets rewind a bit. During all this I went to the aquarium with my friend Lorna and her family, even though I had to be on drugs the whole time cause of the pain in my neck and when they said ooo look at that shark!! I couldn't look up... or over... or anywhere really. I kind of had to just move my entire body to look at things... It was still a great time, and I'm convinced I will one day own mini sea horses. I swear I almost died of the cuteness. Also me and Brenna (Lorna's older sister) ended up getting mesmerized by the sea turtle eating broccoli, seriously we were standing there for a good 10 minutes just in aw, while everyone else left us... OH and I almost forgot, I got to feed a stingray! ^.^ 

    My neck was in extreme pain at this point

Ok, We're almost done! 
There wasn't any other major events I don't think. Although here is the current updates for once. 1- We are going to the Biltmore house next week, that's going to be fun! and 2- I just bought some amazing things. And what do you know I have pictures! 

      First off these amazing boots! (Sorry these are all in black/white)

                 And yet another hat, as you all should know I'm obsessed with hats. I have allot. O_o
      And pretty freakin sweat leggings. Just sayin.

Ok I think I am finally done with this blog post, I hope you all enjoyed it! And I shall be back with updates from Biltmore soon! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

642 Things to Draw.

      So I recently stumbled upon a neat little sketch book, 
     called '642 Things to Draw'

Basically what it is, is a sketch book full of ideas and inspiration, what you've always dreamed of right?
it's just what it says it is, 642 things to draw. 

    On every page it give you something to draw, and a section to draw it in.
     I think it a great, especially if you find yourself not drawing simply because
   you don't know what to draw (Like myself)

I'm very excited to get started on this, and I'm thinking about starting a separate blog to document the whole process. Let me know if you think I should, or if you would rather me just post a few blogs a month with a few of my sketches from the book on this blog.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Update on New shoes, and not so new shoes.

So, we'll start with the not so new shoes.
The day before yesterday, I was invited to go tubing. And I had to have shoes of some sort, or else the rocks would attack my feet. So, since I lack any sort of  'Water shoes' I opted for my falling apart converse.
Lets just say, I don't think they liked the water, and or being beat up by rocks all day.
Not only do they smell like death. They look like this...

oh well. They were good shoes, they served me well.... But wait don't think I'm going to throw them out! I'm going to be wearing these till they fall off my feet... Which may or may not be soon.

Anyway, on with the NEW shoes. As you will recall in my previous blog, I ordered new shoes (Vans old skools) And they got here today. (Thank God)
And, they are superb. They literally rock my socks... It's been so long since Iv'e had new shoes.
So, alas, I am happy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent news, and expensive shoes.

So, I have exciting news. I got invited to go to Dragon Con with my Brother, and his wife *Squee* Yay! -Happy dance- It will be my first con, and I am super excited! Plus Wil Wheaton will be attending this time.
Which is exciting, because he usually never comes, because PAX is usually the same weekend as Dragon Con, and he's very loyal to PAX. However THIS time the dates got switched around, so we get the almighty Wil Wheaton! ^.^
We're also going to the Jonathan Coulton, and Paul and Storm concert the night before Dragon Con. -More happy dancing-

What else makes me excited? I ordered new shoes! Which is very good for me, considering I haven't had new shoes in roughly three years. So I finally bit the bullet and bought these -------> Vans Old Skool.
50 bucks. but I figure I'll have these for another three years, probably longer, so I'll deal with the cost.

In other news, I just ask two of my friends what I should blog about, one said to rant about how stupid Facebook is. I could, I could go on and on about it. But  that would be completely pointless, since we both use facebook regularly, despite the fact facebook is a poorly designed social networking site. I would love to get off of it, and possibly try Google+. But oh wait, there's an age restriction of 18+. And until that's changes, I'm stuck with questions, game app's, and girls self portraits, cluttering my news feed. Not to mention endless statuses ABOUT how lame facebook is... Do they not see how ironic that is?
-End of rant.

Fall approaches, I can feel it coming, and as much as I love fall, it means winter is also approaching. And I can only take so much winter. I hate the first and last part of winter. The middle is good, don't ask me why. It just is.
One thing that makes it ok though, is that I get to wear all my fall/winter hats! I love them, and I haven't worn them all summer. Not to mention hoodies and boots. Those are good as well. Now that I think about it there are allot of good things about the weather turning colder.. Then again it also means School starting soon, not so great.

Any who, I'm going to try not to think about that, and just enjoy the last drops of summer..

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Painting, weddings, and Kyong Zegarra.

It may seem odd to you to find that I actually made a post. It's been quite some time. So lets just be happy that I finally am.
I shall begin this post talking about one of my many obsessions. Art. Painting in particular.
It's sooo much fun, I highly recommend it. And don't worry if you think your "artistically challenged"
That's the great thing about painting, you can paint ANY thing, and it doesn't matter if it's technically perfect. It's just fun to do.
 Take Picasso for example, even though I'm not really a huge fan of the style,
and you wouldn't think this is the most accurate representation of a cat...
"I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them."- Picasso
So there ya have it. Go forth and paint yourself a creepy cat! 
Heck, paint a ninja pirate riding a zombie unicorn, fighting a robot with a lightsaber while jumping over a rainbow.
or you know, a flower. 

I definitely want to pursue painting, I love it, but I definitely have allot to learn. I think one of the worst things about painting is when you have an idea for something you want to paint, and then when you try to paint it, no matter what you do, you can't get it to look like it does in your head. That's when you throw random paints at it, smear it a bit, and call it a "Abstract".
Another thing about me and painting, I don't paint with an easel and palette. I'm not delicate.
I'm usually on the floor, paint everywhere, music blasting, paint covered sponges and random paint covered tools (also paint covered Kaila) And I WILL use my hands over a paintbrush half the time. Teehee.
 Surprisingly I have allot of people wanting to buy paintings from me. So I should probably get on that.
Since I finally got canvas and paint I have no excuses. 
So instead of writing about painting and being creative. I should probably stop writing and actually do it...

On to something besides painting. My brother got married. The engagement lasted about a month. I guess that's the way to go, no messing around just get it done. It was a good wedding nice and small with only a few close friends and family. I don't understand how some people can spend so much time and money on those giant weddings with a million people you barely even know. Not to mention the thousands of dollars they spend on those giant white puff balls of a dress, that you can only wear ONCE. Just the tiny wedding Zack and Alex had got stressful planning for at times. I can only imagine the stress level of some of those giant weddings. Anyway, back to the point. My bros wedding was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, until the giant thunder storm of doom forced us to have it inside, but all was well. It turned out lovely. But of course the very next day, I woke up to birds chirping and not a cloud in the sky. Nice going mother nature, thanks a heap. 

Now that the wedding is done. I have nothing else to plan for. I hate that feeling when youv'e been planning for something for a long time and it's this huge event, and then the next day when you wake up, it's just like, ok..... NOW WHAT? 
I guess it's time to plan something new. A party perhaps? Maybe I'll go on an adventure... Or I'll just start playing WOW again, then I'll have something to do everyday! muahahaha! Also I'll lose all my friends..
Except 'Kyong Zegarra' cause apparently he wants to be my skype friend. Dear Kyong, will you be my friend even when I become a WOW addict again? Or maybe you even play WOW! Then we can be guildies and everything! :D
Or maybe your a creeper, and I should probably just stick to having real life friends...

Friday, April 22, 2011


Lately Iv'e been in a very pensive mood. I've been thinking about everything, where my life is going, how friendships can build and end so quickly, how life in general can change so quickly. Life is a fragile thing, the decisions I make right now in my life can change so many things.
I love the people in my life, and my life is relatively easy. For now. So I know I need to enjoy it while it last.
Then again in the last year soo many things have had an impact on my view on things and certain people. There was also allot of drama. And apparently that's only gonna get worst.
Like I said before I've been thinking about everything. For example, everyone says you'll know when you find "The one" but really how do you know? Iv'e seen many people, who say they think 'he's the one', but it's not.
People end up getting blinded by a thing called hormones. But if we feel those, and people who actually did find love, describe that same feeling. How do we ever really know?... I guess I'm just ranting now. Life just seems to be coming at me like a freight train! I can't slow it down, and that scares me. It's time i get my butt in gear, get my license, get a job, and in turn get a car. I'm getting more and more independent, and I'm beginning to be able to make my own choices. It's time I start to figure out what I'm gonna do, and what kind of person I'm going to be. I guess that's why Iv'e been thinking so much lately.
I'm excited for what the future holds, but I'm also scared out my mind. I guess that's just part of the ride.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hormones suck.
Today for instance, I broke into sobbing tears when I found out my parents took down my childhood tree house, later I broke into several fits of anger, and on top of everything, I over think everything.
Listen all you guys, could you please cut girls some slack? We can't help it one minute we turn into raging beast destroying all in our path, and the next were on the floor crying cause we spilled milk. It just happens. We really REALLY cannot control it.  However I do try my best to control myself, and sometimes I can do it... Sometimes though, now for instance, If someone called and had some new problem with me. I would most likely cuss them out and hang up. But don't worry we have our moments of saneness.
I am deeply sorry in behalf of the female gender...

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Obsession

I have recently acquired a Ukulele. I've been wanting one for a while now, and I finally got one. ^.^
I think it's safe to say I'm hooked. I played for literally about 2 days straight. I've learned 5 or 6 songs already, and I've written one song.
It's a black makala, complete with dolphin! Huzzah!

I think part of the reason I'm enjoying it so much, is because it's coming so easy to me. I play the guitar some, so I'm already used to chording. So this is basically like a mini guitar. But BETTER. hehe.

Music really is an amazing thing, those days when you have anything and everything on your mind, there's always that one song that can relate to you and make you feel better. Or maybe it's not the lyrics, maybe it's not sappy love songs, but music like 'Two Door Cinema club' or 'Kesha' (I'm not judging) Anything that makes you happy. Sometimes it's great to just dance with your friends and forget anything remotely close to a worry.
Plus it's a way to connect with people around you. There's a million more great things about music I could list off, but I'll leave it at that.

In other news, in two weeks I'll be headed to the beach! I am incredibly excited for the ocean, Family, Friends that are basically family, music, and lots of delicious fresh foods! ^.^

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 5 most god awful heels.

My first pick would have to be #5
ok granted there not the worst. But honestly who wants to walk around with grannies favorite pillow on their feet? Not me.
#4 OH THE HORROR! How many cookie monsters had to die to make these shoes???
#3 These are...well there quite something. MAYBE these would be passable if...if....ok I got nothin. Please NEVER wear these. If I see someone wearing these I will slap you. It's for you own good.
#2 .... please. PLEASE. Never wear these. I cannot stress this enough. Fake purple velvet on a 5 inch platform was not made for human eyes! not to mention they don't help the fact I have a phobia about the feel of fake velvet. -shudder-
Now. For the number one worst heels. Drumroll please. I give you... and yes it took an entire tree, just to make these shoes. Not to mention the tropical bird that lived in that tree.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Pokemon Story

When I was like 8 maybe younger, I got into pokemon, I had a huge collection of pokemon cards and I played with my older brother Zack. Now at this time Charizard was a SUPER rare card.
So one day, I go to the store with my brother and family. Naturally we both decide to grab a pack of these oh so popular cards. Zack opens his pack, with gleaming eyes he searches hopefully for Charizard... No dice.
Then he watches over my shoulder as I nonchalantly scan my pack for cute ones. "oooo a butterfree!"
Then, there it is. Charizard. "look Zack LOOK! I got a, ch- ch- chair- ryzard?" he says nothing. Of course I was only excited that it was all shiny. Later that week, not knowing the value of this card...I get scammed by my brother. He trades me a...wait for it. Ponyta. "look Kaila a flaming pony!" "oh COOOOOOOL" I said as I thought about the trade for about 5 seconds.
To this day he still has that card. And I will never let him live that down.
The End....
On that note. You should totally go Check out  the Presidents of the United States of America's latest track, "Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)," a tribute to some of the new collectible creatures in Pokemon Black and White. 


Ok so this blog is honestly going to be about anything from, random rants, reviews, music, possibly poetry, life. You name it. Mostly just my thoughts on things.
I am a 16, I play guitar and ukulele, I draw/paint, I write occasionally, and take lots of pictures. If I could banish drama to a dark dungeon. I would. Unfortunately I can't. But I do wish life could do without it. But apparently it can't.
I'm kind of a Geek, a 'Geek in training' if you will.
I'm a chameleon, I blend with my surroundings, if you are being a crazy insane person singing loudly to and will I. If you are boring and lame.. well I'll calm down slightly :P
Ok well this is all I'm going to say for now. If you have a certain thing you would like me to write about, let me know.