Thursday, June 30, 2011

Painting, weddings, and Kyong Zegarra.

It may seem odd to you to find that I actually made a post. It's been quite some time. So lets just be happy that I finally am.
I shall begin this post talking about one of my many obsessions. Art. Painting in particular.
It's sooo much fun, I highly recommend it. And don't worry if you think your "artistically challenged"
That's the great thing about painting, you can paint ANY thing, and it doesn't matter if it's technically perfect. It's just fun to do.
 Take Picasso for example, even though I'm not really a huge fan of the style,
and you wouldn't think this is the most accurate representation of a cat...
"I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them."- Picasso
So there ya have it. Go forth and paint yourself a creepy cat! 
Heck, paint a ninja pirate riding a zombie unicorn, fighting a robot with a lightsaber while jumping over a rainbow.
or you know, a flower. 

I definitely want to pursue painting, I love it, but I definitely have allot to learn. I think one of the worst things about painting is when you have an idea for something you want to paint, and then when you try to paint it, no matter what you do, you can't get it to look like it does in your head. That's when you throw random paints at it, smear it a bit, and call it a "Abstract".
Another thing about me and painting, I don't paint with an easel and palette. I'm not delicate.
I'm usually on the floor, paint everywhere, music blasting, paint covered sponges and random paint covered tools (also paint covered Kaila) And I WILL use my hands over a paintbrush half the time. Teehee.
 Surprisingly I have allot of people wanting to buy paintings from me. So I should probably get on that.
Since I finally got canvas and paint I have no excuses. 
So instead of writing about painting and being creative. I should probably stop writing and actually do it...

On to something besides painting. My brother got married. The engagement lasted about a month. I guess that's the way to go, no messing around just get it done. It was a good wedding nice and small with only a few close friends and family. I don't understand how some people can spend so much time and money on those giant weddings with a million people you barely even know. Not to mention the thousands of dollars they spend on those giant white puff balls of a dress, that you can only wear ONCE. Just the tiny wedding Zack and Alex had got stressful planning for at times. I can only imagine the stress level of some of those giant weddings. Anyway, back to the point. My bros wedding was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, until the giant thunder storm of doom forced us to have it inside, but all was well. It turned out lovely. But of course the very next day, I woke up to birds chirping and not a cloud in the sky. Nice going mother nature, thanks a heap. 

Now that the wedding is done. I have nothing else to plan for. I hate that feeling when youv'e been planning for something for a long time and it's this huge event, and then the next day when you wake up, it's just like, ok..... NOW WHAT? 
I guess it's time to plan something new. A party perhaps? Maybe I'll go on an adventure... Or I'll just start playing WOW again, then I'll have something to do everyday! muahahaha! Also I'll lose all my friends..
Except 'Kyong Zegarra' cause apparently he wants to be my skype friend. Dear Kyong, will you be my friend even when I become a WOW addict again? Or maybe you even play WOW! Then we can be guildies and everything! :D
Or maybe your a creeper, and I should probably just stick to having real life friends...

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