Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 5 most god awful heels.

My first pick would have to be #5
ok granted there not the worst. But honestly who wants to walk around with grannies favorite pillow on their feet? Not me.
#4 OH THE HORROR! How many cookie monsters had to die to make these shoes???
#3 These are...well there quite something. MAYBE these would be passable if...if....ok I got nothin. Please NEVER wear these. If I see someone wearing these I will slap you. It's for you own good.
#2 .... please. PLEASE. Never wear these. I cannot stress this enough. Fake purple velvet on a 5 inch platform was not made for human eyes! not to mention they don't help the fact I have a phobia about the feel of fake velvet. -shudder-
Now. For the number one worst heels. Drumroll please. I give you... and yes it took an entire tree, just to make these shoes. Not to mention the tropical bird that lived in that tree.

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