Friday, April 22, 2011


Lately Iv'e been in a very pensive mood. I've been thinking about everything, where my life is going, how friendships can build and end so quickly, how life in general can change so quickly. Life is a fragile thing, the decisions I make right now in my life can change so many things.
I love the people in my life, and my life is relatively easy. For now. So I know I need to enjoy it while it last.
Then again in the last year soo many things have had an impact on my view on things and certain people. There was also allot of drama. And apparently that's only gonna get worst.
Like I said before I've been thinking about everything. For example, everyone says you'll know when you find "The one" but really how do you know? Iv'e seen many people, who say they think 'he's the one', but it's not.
People end up getting blinded by a thing called hormones. But if we feel those, and people who actually did find love, describe that same feeling. How do we ever really know?... I guess I'm just ranting now. Life just seems to be coming at me like a freight train! I can't slow it down, and that scares me. It's time i get my butt in gear, get my license, get a job, and in turn get a car. I'm getting more and more independent, and I'm beginning to be able to make my own choices. It's time I start to figure out what I'm gonna do, and what kind of person I'm going to be. I guess that's why Iv'e been thinking so much lately.
I'm excited for what the future holds, but I'm also scared out my mind. I guess that's just part of the ride.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hormones suck.
Today for instance, I broke into sobbing tears when I found out my parents took down my childhood tree house, later I broke into several fits of anger, and on top of everything, I over think everything.
Listen all you guys, could you please cut girls some slack? We can't help it one minute we turn into raging beast destroying all in our path, and the next were on the floor crying cause we spilled milk. It just happens. We really REALLY cannot control it.  However I do try my best to control myself, and sometimes I can do it... Sometimes though, now for instance, If someone called and had some new problem with me. I would most likely cuss them out and hang up. But don't worry we have our moments of saneness.
I am deeply sorry in behalf of the female gender...

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Obsession

I have recently acquired a Ukulele. I've been wanting one for a while now, and I finally got one. ^.^
I think it's safe to say I'm hooked. I played for literally about 2 days straight. I've learned 5 or 6 songs already, and I've written one song.
It's a black makala, complete with dolphin! Huzzah!

I think part of the reason I'm enjoying it so much, is because it's coming so easy to me. I play the guitar some, so I'm already used to chording. So this is basically like a mini guitar. But BETTER. hehe.

Music really is an amazing thing, those days when you have anything and everything on your mind, there's always that one song that can relate to you and make you feel better. Or maybe it's not the lyrics, maybe it's not sappy love songs, but music like 'Two Door Cinema club' or 'Kesha' (I'm not judging) Anything that makes you happy. Sometimes it's great to just dance with your friends and forget anything remotely close to a worry.
Plus it's a way to connect with people around you. There's a million more great things about music I could list off, but I'll leave it at that.

In other news, in two weeks I'll be headed to the beach! I am incredibly excited for the ocean, Family, Friends that are basically family, music, and lots of delicious fresh foods! ^.^