Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent news, and expensive shoes.

So, I have exciting news. I got invited to go to Dragon Con with my Brother, and his wife *Squee* Yay! -Happy dance- It will be my first con, and I am super excited! Plus Wil Wheaton will be attending this time.
Which is exciting, because he usually never comes, because PAX is usually the same weekend as Dragon Con, and he's very loyal to PAX. However THIS time the dates got switched around, so we get the almighty Wil Wheaton! ^.^
We're also going to the Jonathan Coulton, and Paul and Storm concert the night before Dragon Con. -More happy dancing-

What else makes me excited? I ordered new shoes! Which is very good for me, considering I haven't had new shoes in roughly three years. So I finally bit the bullet and bought these -------> Vans Old Skool.
50 bucks. but I figure I'll have these for another three years, probably longer, so I'll deal with the cost.

In other news, I just ask two of my friends what I should blog about, one said to rant about how stupid Facebook is. I could, I could go on and on about it. But  that would be completely pointless, since we both use facebook regularly, despite the fact facebook is a poorly designed social networking site. I would love to get off of it, and possibly try Google+. But oh wait, there's an age restriction of 18+. And until that's changes, I'm stuck with questions, game app's, and girls self portraits, cluttering my news feed. Not to mention endless statuses ABOUT how lame facebook is... Do they not see how ironic that is?
-End of rant.

Fall approaches, I can feel it coming, and as much as I love fall, it means winter is also approaching. And I can only take so much winter. I hate the first and last part of winter. The middle is good, don't ask me why. It just is.
One thing that makes it ok though, is that I get to wear all my fall/winter hats! I love them, and I haven't worn them all summer. Not to mention hoodies and boots. Those are good as well. Now that I think about it there are allot of good things about the weather turning colder.. Then again it also means School starting soon, not so great.

Any who, I'm going to try not to think about that, and just enjoy the last drops of summer..

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