Friday, October 28, 2011

Kaila is being... SOCIAL?

So, as I promised, I will tell you about my trip to Asheville/The Biltmore... But first, a story!... Sort of.
Ok so I thought I was a fairly social person... Apparently not, apparently I am an ANTIsocial butterfly, my parents brought this to my attention. Sooo, the last past week I've been getting stuff done, and then being social. Turns out, it's been pretty fun! Iv'e done allot. I just didn't realize I was aloud to be constantly goofing off with friends... I'm also attempting to plan a party of sorts. We'll see how that goes...

And now for the trip to Asheville. First was the Biltmore house ------> This place.
Now since my last post was extremely long, I will try to keep this one short and to the point... Hopefully I wont go off on a long rant.
Back to Asheville!
So we went to the Biltmore, mostly to walk around the grounds and enjoy Fall, we even had a picnic! Which was ruined by a giant lawnmower directly in front of us. 8000 acres of land, and you choose the one spot there's a picnic... Nice goin mower guy.

Well that was close I almost got onto a rant! Quick on to another topic!
Next we went walking downtown Asheville, which I absolutely adore. Especially on a Friday night. There are street performers, amazing places to eat, and just cool people in general. Also, on Friday nights in downtown Asheville, there are drum circles, and ton of people dancing in the middle. It's basically like a hippie dance club. So much fun! And unfortunately there's not really any good pics from that... But I'm sure there will be another drum circle, another day. 

Well There you go, an abridged version of the day. I'll post a few pics below!

Yes, we are silly. ^.^

Laying in the grass! (I don't think I needed to clarify that..)

Naked Lady statue!!! Huh, what? Move along...

Lots of walking...

The fabulous Megan! (Urban Outfitters) 

Emma. I'm gonna steal her shoes...

The one, the only, the amazing, REBEKAH!! <3

Drum circle! The drummers. 

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