Friday, April 22, 2011


Lately Iv'e been in a very pensive mood. I've been thinking about everything, where my life is going, how friendships can build and end so quickly, how life in general can change so quickly. Life is a fragile thing, the decisions I make right now in my life can change so many things.
I love the people in my life, and my life is relatively easy. For now. So I know I need to enjoy it while it last.
Then again in the last year soo many things have had an impact on my view on things and certain people. There was also allot of drama. And apparently that's only gonna get worst.
Like I said before I've been thinking about everything. For example, everyone says you'll know when you find "The one" but really how do you know? Iv'e seen many people, who say they think 'he's the one', but it's not.
People end up getting blinded by a thing called hormones. But if we feel those, and people who actually did find love, describe that same feeling. How do we ever really know?... I guess I'm just ranting now. Life just seems to be coming at me like a freight train! I can't slow it down, and that scares me. It's time i get my butt in gear, get my license, get a job, and in turn get a car. I'm getting more and more independent, and I'm beginning to be able to make my own choices. It's time I start to figure out what I'm gonna do, and what kind of person I'm going to be. I guess that's why Iv'e been thinking so much lately.
I'm excited for what the future holds, but I'm also scared out my mind. I guess that's just part of the ride.

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  1. hay i know what u feel like right me sometimes u feel like u dont know what to do and so u think alot....try not to think at all it may not work for a girl but it worked for just try and go with the flow okay i hope u feels alwasy here for u...if u ever want to talk call me..tucker