Sunday, February 5, 2012


     I haven't posted anything in a while, even though I feel a strong need to write. What is there to write about?
One thing that has crossed my mind recently, is how certain people in your life can affect what kind of person you are, and what you strive to be. I don't mean to get all inspirational here, but it's true.
I also realize that I find it hard finding people my age I can tolerate. It just seems like allot of my generation are just mindless robots with no real opinions, ambition, or individuality. Though don't get me wrong, there are some pretty spectacular people in my life.. but only a handful of them are my age. I want to be around people who inspire me. Not people who make me start to loose faith in humanity.

I think everyone has an inner self that is completely different than anyone in the world, but it's just allot of people are so caked on with this worlds "expectations" and influences, that they slowly just give up and conform to whatever other people want them to be. At least allot of people are that way.
If we could all just strip away all of that, think of how much MORE interesting this world would be. There are already allot of neat people, but I'm mostly referring to allot of my generation.

Sometimes people are different then they appear to be on the outside, maybe humans are just afraid to show whats on the inside sometimes.
I just hope I can hold on to the people who make me happy. And hope I can get to know the new ones better, because so far they seem pretty spectacular.
I don't think you should hang on to the people who make you miserable all the time. Hang on to the ones who make you want to be better and make you feel comfortable with showing the colors you have....

Speaking of the colors you have! ^.^

Anywho... I think I'll finish this off with another song that is definitely one of my new favorites.

The video is equally as awesome.
For me this song and music video, are just... Hauntingly beautiful. It's really expresses the hurt and emotion that can come from a situation like this. They both know it wont work, but both feeling equally hurt and yearning to make sense of their emotions.

Every facial expression he makes is so raw and beautiful.
Her Voice has just enough angst and plea. And when she moves towards him and sings.... -shivers- There is just so much emotion in this. I love it.