Wednesday, August 24, 2011

642 Things to Draw.

      So I recently stumbled upon a neat little sketch book, 
     called '642 Things to Draw'

Basically what it is, is a sketch book full of ideas and inspiration, what you've always dreamed of right?
it's just what it says it is, 642 things to draw. 

    On every page it give you something to draw, and a section to draw it in.
     I think it a great, especially if you find yourself not drawing simply because
   you don't know what to draw (Like myself)

I'm very excited to get started on this, and I'm thinking about starting a separate blog to document the whole process. Let me know if you think I should, or if you would rather me just post a few blogs a month with a few of my sketches from the book on this blog.



  1. I think you should do a new blog on it. It would be cool!

  2. Hey, I passed my award onto you. Now maybe you'll have more followers! You should read the post. ;)