Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brace yourself for 2 months of updates!

If you do follow my blog, and care about what goes on in my life, once again I'm sorry for the lack of posts. But this will be a good long one with pictures! Yay pictures!
Ok Now where to begin... Ah yes! Dragon Con. As you may recall I was planning on going to Dragon con (Basically a giant geek convention) Well I did and it was AWESOME. I even got to meet Wil Wheaton, and my brothers wife Alex is obsessed with him, OBSESSED, and she was pretty freakin excited to meet him. 
There's a few things about dragon con, 1- Your eyes may be scarred by some of the cos players, who may have once fit into there costume but no longer do, and no longer should... But hey, dragon con is a no judge zone in that regard. Anything goes there..
2- You WILL spend all your money. There are at least 4 or 5 entire rooms filled with awesome stuff you can buy. I bought three die, a Jayne hat (from the show firefly), cat ears, and I think that's all, and I STILL spent almost all my money.. 
3- If you go, there is a restaurant in the hotel, that serves a thing called 'Dessert Nachos' O.O Yum. Here see for yourself. 

Ok the next thing that happened at dragon con, was a concert. At this concert was Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton, and Molly Lewis showed up with her ukulele! You might remember her from youtube here's her channel HERE
Now we waited in line a long time (not to mention putting up with annoying line cutters) so we were RIGHT in the front of the stage, so I was in prime positioned to get pulled onto the stage and get serenaded during Frogger! The Frogger Musical... and yes that DID happen. what you don't believe??? PICTURE TIME!  

Ok That seems like a good ending place for Dragon Con. 

Now what happened next?... Ah yes, the fair. Me and a few friends decided to go to the state fair this year, we bought the stamp thingy that lets you ride the rides over and over... and over. And we were off. I rode every single ride at that fair.. and see this is how fair rides work, they only go 1 of two directions, round and round, or back an forth. Oh wait there is one more option, back and and forth AND going round and round. Hopefully your not getting sick just thinking about it... I think I am.
ok here is a few pictures from the Fair. 

    Here's the group. My "Homies" if you will...
    Here's me and my friend Tucker Struttin. Work it, work it!
 And here's me and Megan on the Farris wheel!
And I have a ton more, but these will suffice.
Now the next thing that happened has to do with the fair. Some how through all the spinning and being slung about, my neck decided to get twisted into a painful knot of PAIN. I couldn't move it for like a week straight and it's STILL not fully healed. Now what happened was apparently the neck started to heal, but then there was still this giant knot on the side of my neck, so when we went to the doctors they said it was a swollen lymph node. They thought I had mono, which made my friends very suspicious of me... And I had to get a needle jabbed in my veins to test for it. Thankfully it was negative, and I'm mono free. Yay. But besides having a giant painful knot still there, I got a cold or something, and I'm JUST now getting better, and the knot is starting to go down. I now know the true definition of "Pain in my neck". 

NOW I missed a few things, so lets rewind a bit. During all this I went to the aquarium with my friend Lorna and her family, even though I had to be on drugs the whole time cause of the pain in my neck and when they said ooo look at that shark!! I couldn't look up... or over... or anywhere really. I kind of had to just move my entire body to look at things... It was still a great time, and I'm convinced I will one day own mini sea horses. I swear I almost died of the cuteness. Also me and Brenna (Lorna's older sister) ended up getting mesmerized by the sea turtle eating broccoli, seriously we were standing there for a good 10 minutes just in aw, while everyone else left us... OH and I almost forgot, I got to feed a stingray! ^.^ 

    My neck was in extreme pain at this point

Ok, We're almost done! 
There wasn't any other major events I don't think. Although here is the current updates for once. 1- We are going to the Biltmore house next week, that's going to be fun! and 2- I just bought some amazing things. And what do you know I have pictures! 

      First off these amazing boots! (Sorry these are all in black/white)

                 And yet another hat, as you all should know I'm obsessed with hats. I have allot. O_o
      And pretty freakin sweat leggings. Just sayin.

Ok I think I am finally done with this blog post, I hope you all enjoyed it! And I shall be back with updates from Biltmore soon! 

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