Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 5 most god awful heels.

My first pick would have to be #5
ok granted there not the worst. But honestly who wants to walk around with grannies favorite pillow on their feet? Not me.
#4 OH THE HORROR! How many cookie monsters had to die to make these shoes???
#3 These are...well there quite something. MAYBE these would be passable if...if....ok I got nothin. Please NEVER wear these. If I see someone wearing these I will slap you. It's for you own good.
#2 .... please. PLEASE. Never wear these. I cannot stress this enough. Fake purple velvet on a 5 inch platform was not made for human eyes! not to mention they don't help the fact I have a phobia about the feel of fake velvet. -shudder-
Now. For the number one worst heels. Drumroll please. I give you... and yes it took an entire tree, just to make these shoes. Not to mention the tropical bird that lived in that tree.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Pokemon Story

When I was like 8 maybe younger, I got into pokemon, I had a huge collection of pokemon cards and I played with my older brother Zack. Now at this time Charizard was a SUPER rare card.
So one day, I go to the store with my brother and family. Naturally we both decide to grab a pack of these oh so popular cards. Zack opens his pack, with gleaming eyes he searches hopefully for Charizard... No dice.
Then he watches over my shoulder as I nonchalantly scan my pack for cute ones. "oooo a butterfree!"
Then, there it is. Charizard. "look Zack LOOK! I got a, ch- ch- chair- ryzard?" he says nothing. Of course I was only excited that it was all shiny. Later that week, not knowing the value of this card...I get scammed by my brother. He trades me a...wait for it. Ponyta. "look Kaila a flaming pony!" "oh COOOOOOOL" I said as I thought about the trade for about 5 seconds.
To this day he still has that card. And I will never let him live that down.
The End....
On that note. You should totally go Check out  the Presidents of the United States of America's latest track, "Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)," a tribute to some of the new collectible creatures in Pokemon Black and White. 


Ok so this blog is honestly going to be about anything from, random rants, reviews, music, possibly poetry, life. You name it. Mostly just my thoughts on things.
I am a 16, I play guitar and ukulele, I draw/paint, I write occasionally, and take lots of pictures. If I could banish drama to a dark dungeon. I would. Unfortunately I can't. But I do wish life could do without it. But apparently it can't.
I'm kind of a Geek, a 'Geek in training' if you will.
I'm a chameleon, I blend with my surroundings, if you are being a crazy insane person singing loudly to and will I. If you are boring and lame.. well I'll calm down slightly :P
Ok well this is all I'm going to say for now. If you have a certain thing you would like me to write about, let me know.